Why Face book is preferred over Google Plus?

Face book is a popular, free social networking website that allows registered users to keep in touch with the family, friend, long lost relations and colleagues. It has many interesting features like marketplace, groups, chats, events, pages, post etc.

Google plus is again a social network from Google. Started in 2011, this is currently the second largest social networking site in the world. Google plus can be accessed through multiple sites.

Let us discuss 3 important questions:

  • How different both social media sites are?
  • Why face book is preferred?
  • How Face book can be made SEO friendly?

Q 1-The differences:

  • Face book connects you with existing friends’ group, relatives and colleagues. Google plus helps you to build new connections through a feature launched recently called “communities”. “Communities” is an interactive forum where people who have a common interest gather together to discuss their issues.
  • In face book you create groups but in Google plus you create ‘circles’. These circles can be of any type, a circle of friends, a circle of colleagues, a circle of people having the same hobby.
  • Face book is well connected with many websites that enables them to be connected with it. This makes the site SEO friendly, so that it can rank high on Google updates. This makes the website popular, but many of the websites are not connected with Google plus.
  • A PPC or Ad Words can be placed in Face book but Google plus does not foster this.

Q 2- Preference:

Face book is more preferred by all because of its user friendly, marketing focused pages which not only nurtures friendship but also business.

Q 3-The steps to make Face book SEO friendly.

  • Choose a proper business name and keep repeating it. Brand it and it will be remembered by all.
  • Choose a correct URL. Add your business name along with the URL of the face book.
  • Create a text or content that is keyword rich.
  • You are a web designer. Your clients should continue to stay with you. So make them know that if they organize online promotional campaigns, they would get lots of free advertising.
  • When you update status or post anything add the keyword.
  • Share and likes should be shown on your website.

So understand the importance of social media websites, get connected to any of them and have a successful business.